Coronavirus cases are on the rise with more than 440 acute hospital admissions due to Covid-19 in the last week of June, figures show.

A total of 1,153 people tested positive for the virus in the week to June 30, according to the latest weekly figures from Public Health Scotland (PHS).

That was an increase of 34 cases, from 1,119, in the week to June 23.

PHS said last month that the virus had been increasingly found in wastewater over the last several weeks, accompanied by a rise in laboratory-confirmed PCR and self-reported cases.

It has moved the publishing of statistics from a monthly basis to a weekly basis to reflect the increase.

In the week to June 30, there were 443 people admitted to hospital with “acute” Covid-related symptoms, up from 418 during the previous week.

The rate of admission per 100,000 of the population was 8.1 in the final week of June, according to PHS.

Figures will next be published on July 11.