A historic Glasgow mansion was broken into and vandalised.

Provan Hall in the city's Easterhouse became the target of unknown vandals earlier this week. 

The organisation which runs the 15th-century house says entry was forced into the site and walls and paths have been graffitied. 

They added that they hope to have the damage repaired as soon as possible. 

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Provan Hall overlooks Auchinlea Park and is one of the oldest surviving buildings in Glasgow.

As well as being steeped in history, it is said to be a 'haunted house' and is reputed as one of Glasgow's top spots for ghost sightings.

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Described as a 'national asset', Provan Hall was built as a hunting lodge for Glasgow’s bishops and in the 1930s it was acquired by the National Trust for Scotland, who then leased it to Glasgow City Council.

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We reported in September 2023 that it reopened to the public after a £3.5m rebuild project. 

Meanwhile, thoughtless damage has also been done to a special memorial garden installed in the walls of Provan Hall for people affected by baby loss.

We previously reported that the garden opened in May as a safe space for those who have lost a child. 

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A special Tree of Tranquillity is the centrepiece of the garden and each leaf holds a personal message honouring a baby who has died but thankfully, the tree itself was not affected by the vandalism. 

The garden at its opening in May. Photo by Colin MearnsThe garden at its opening in May. Photo by Colin Mearns (Image: Colin Mearns)

A spokesperson for Provan Hall said: "Regrettably, there has been some vandalism at Provan Hall this week. The area was broken into and walls and paths have been spray-painted.

"We apologise if this affects the experience some visitors have when they visit our beautiful building, and we are working with our partners to repair the damage as quickly as possible.

"It is distressing that damage was also caused in the area of the newly installed Simba Tree of Tranquillity, although thankfully the tree itself was left untouched.

"This area is dedicated for bereaved parents to honour the memory of their babies and graffiti in this area is particularly upsetting."

A spokesperson for SiMBA said: “We are deeply saddened to hear about the recent vandalism at Provan Hall.

"While we are thankful that our newly re-installed Tree of Tranquillity has remained untouched, the graffiti around the Tree will no doubt cause distress to local families.

"We are actively working closely with our friends at Provan Hall to restore the area to the original serene and beautiful space it was, so that bereaved parents can continue to visit and honour their babies.

"We will continue to work in partnership to ensure this area is protected and preserved.”