Sir Keir Starmer has pledged to put Scotland “back at the beating heart” of the UK Government. 

The new Prime Minister said he is offering the Scottish Government a “genuine seat at the table” and that they could deliver change for a generation through “meaningful co-operation”.

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Starmer said: “Our UK Government will place Scotland back at the beating heart of everything we do.

“To the people of Scotland my message is simple and clear: You are at the heart of how we unleash prosperity across the country. We will rebuild a strong Scotland at the forefront of our decade of national renewal.

“My offer to the Scottish Government is the same. We can turn disagreement into co-operation and, through meaningful co-operation and a genuine seat at the table, deliver change for a generation.”

(Image: PA)

It comes as Starmer met with Scotland’s First Minister John Swinney on Sunday to hold a discussion on the pressing issues and areas where both governments can work together.

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It follows a telephone call between the two men on Friday as Swinney congratulated Starmer following Labour gaining all six seats in Glasgow. 

Swinney said: “I was really pleased to have the opportunity to speak to the Prime Minister on his first day in office and to congratulate him and wish him, and his family, well.

“I look forward to welcoming the Prime Minister to Scotland, where I hope to have constructive discussions with him on our shared priorities for the people of Scotland.

“This includes eradicating child poverty, growing the economy, prioritising net zero and ensuring effective public services.

“I welcome the Prime Minister’s commitment to forge a positive relationship between our governments and, for our part, the Scottish Government is committed to working constructively with the UK Government to build a better Scotland.”

Starmer will tour the UK to meet with the heads of the devolved governments as part of an immediate reset in the way UK Government works with them.