Glasgow homes have been left in darkness after being hit by a power cut.

Scottish Power has said they are aware of an issue in the G52 (Southside), G53 (Southside), and PA1 (Paisley) postcode areas of Glasgow and Paisley.

The electricity firm says power has been restored to a number of properties in the areas, however, they are still working to carry out network alterations due to an underground cable fault affecting customers still without power.

Power is expected to be fully back on by 10pm this evening (Tuesday, July 9).

Here are all the postcodes that are affected:

G52, G521AA, G523LQ, G523ND, G523NF, G523NG, G523NH, G523NJ, G523NL, G523NN, G523NP, G523NQ, G523NR, G523NS, G523NT, G523NU, G523NW, G523NX, G523NY, G523QF, G523TX, G527BY, G527NP, G527NR, G53, G531AA, G531SS, G535QT, G535QX, G535SL, G535SN, G535SP, G535SR, G535ST, G535SW, G535SX, G535SZ, G535TA, G535TD, G535TE, G535TF, G535TG, G535TH, G535TQ, G536BH, G536BL, G536BN, G536BP, G536BS, G536BY, G536JB, G536JF, G536JH, G536JQ, G536JT, G536LG, G536LH, G536LJ, G536LL, G536LP, G536LQ, G536LR, G536LS, G536LT, G536LU, G536NG, G536NL, G536NP, G536NQ, G536NW, G536SA, G536SN, G536SP, G536SS, G536TA, G536TB, G536TE, G536TF, G537AA, G537BD, G537BH, G537BN, G537BU, G537BY, G537DH, G537DJ, G537DL, G537DN, G537DP, G537DR, G537DS, G537DT, G537DU, G537DW, G537DY, G537GA, G537LG, G537LN, G537MP, G537NP, G537NR, G537NS, G537NW, G537PH, G537PL, G537QS, G537RQ, G537RR, G537RT, G537RU, G537RW, G537RZ, G537SD, G537SE, G537SF, G537SG, G537SH, G537SJ, G537SN, G537SP, G537SQ, G537SU, G537SW, G537SX, G537SZ, G537TA, G537TU, G537TX, G537TY, G537TZ, G537UD, G537UE, G537UF, G537WP, G537ZT, KA32EW, PA13BS, PA13BT, PA13BY, PA13BZ.

A spokesperson for Scottish Power said: "There is a power cut in the G52, G53 and PA1 postcode area of Glasgow and Paisley.

"Our team has managed to restore power to a number of properties in the area and are still working to carry out network alterations due to an underground cable fault affecting the rest of our customers without power.

"We now expect all power to be back on as quickly and as safely as possible by 10pm. We will update this message if this information changes.

"If you require any further help or support, please call us on 105.

"We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience."