A top cop has slammed a violent Scots rapist who scammed former partners out of more than £210k.

We reported how Christopher Harkins targeted single women on dating websites, quickly befriending them and gaining their trust.

The 37-year-old portrayed himself as a successful businessman before claiming to be experiencing issues with his bank account being frozen.

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Following that, the Helensburgh man then asked some of his victims to lend him cash - with several women borrowing 'significant sums to help him'.

The sex offender also persuaded a number of the women to transfer him money for holidays, sending them screenshots of alleged destinations.  

On top of that, he persuaded them to pay for half the cost but never booked the trips away and failed to return the majority of the funds given to him.  

Harkins pleaded guilty to the fraud charges at the High Court in Glasgow on January 16.

Additionally, following a trial at the High Court in Paisley in May, Harkins was subsequently found guilty of raping one former partner. 

He was also convicted of filming two women in intimate situations without their consent before sending them the graphic content.

The brutes' offending took place between 2013 and 2019 in the Airdrie, Cumbernauld, Dumbarton, East Kilbride, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Paisley and Stirling areas.  

Now, Harkins has been sentenced to 12 years in prison on Wednesday, July 10, at the High Court in Kilmarnock.

His name has been added to the sex offenders register indefinitely.

Additionally, non-harassment orders, preventing Harkins from contacting or attempting to contact 10 victims, have also been granted for an indefinite period. 

Police Scotland say a proactive investigation into Harkins commenced in October 2019 by Police Scotland’s Domestic Abuse Task Force.

Following the sentencing, Detective Chief Inspector Lyndsay Laird of Police Scotland has slammed Harkins as being a 'violent and contemptible individual'.

The detective said: “Christopher Harkins is a violent and contemptible individual who preyed on women looking for love and companionship.

"He made them believe they were in a loving and exclusive relationship but that was nowhere near the truth.

“His only motive was money.

"Harkins met the women through a dating app and once he had formed relationships with them he turned to manipulation, threats, coercive control and violence to obtain thousands of pounds which he used to fund his very lavish lifestyle.

“The fact that he was convicted is a tremendous credit to the women who came forward to police.

“This case highlights that domestic abuse is not just physical or sexual, it includes abusive behaviours or financial abuse.

"It is often about power and control and can have life-changing consequences for victims.

"We sincerely hope this result gives confidence to others who may experience anything similar to come forward, safe in the knowledge that police will investigate.”

Meanwhile, Scotland’s Procurator Fiscal for High Court Sexual Offences, Katrina Parkes, said: “Christopher Harkins clearly poses an extreme danger to women through his calculating, manipulative and violent behaviour.  

“His many victims have shown immense bravery in coming forward and reporting him to the authorities. 

“This conviction will hopefully bring some comfort to the women he targeted while protecting others from his deplorable schemes and depraved actions.

“This was a complex case and I give thanks to the prosecution team for their efforts in securing this conviction.  

“We want to encourage all those who believe they have been a victim of similar offending to come forward and report it.  

“You will be listened to and we will use all the tools available to us to pursue justice.”