A KIND-HEARTED nurse has organised a special event to celebrate those who have worked on the frontline throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lisa Watt, a charge nurse at Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital has arranged the “Big Night Out Celebrating Courage” off her own back.

It will take place in the Lomond Suite at Hampden Park on April 9, with a buffet and entertainment by the MacDonald Brothers.

Lisa, 35, said: “It’s a night where we can all get together and recognise what we’ve been through.

“Working through the pandemic has been challenging. Situations are just ever-changing, and we’re trying to adapt and keep ourselves safe.

Glasgow Times:

“What’s been difficult, and for everybody, whether you’ve been a key worker or at home, is that everyone’s made sacrifices throughout.

“I don’t think for a minute being at home 24/7 is easy because that must take a toll on your mental health.

“Although I’ve found it challenging through the pandemic, I’ve also been grateful for still being able to go to work, having a routine and still having a job.

“I think that’s helped me cope, but in terms of what we’ve been subjected to, it is difficult and that’s where your friends and colleagues come into play to support you."

All key workers including NHS staff, healthcare staff, care home staff, emergency services, retail workers, council staff and anyone who has been going to work throughout the pandemic are welcome to attend the event.

Lisa, who admitted it has been quite challenging to organise, said she came up with the idea almost a year ago.

She added: “I was just holding off waiting for the right time. Just now, I don’t think there ever is a good time. I think all we can do is trust people to use their common sense and do a lateral flow test before attending.

“I kind of underestimated how big an undertaken it would be. But I just thought it would be nice. I think everybody needs something to look forward to.

“Some of my colleagues actually moved out of their homes and into a hotel so they could still go to work and not compromise their families. I feel as if we need to recognise that. Everyone has pulled together so well as a team.

“One thing I noticed was if anyone was having a down day there was always someone else who picked up on it and supported you.”

Glasgow Times:

Tickets cost £27, purely to cover costs.

Lisa added: “Hampden staff have been amazing. We’re not paying for the hire of the suite, and they’re quite literally rolling out the red carpet for us.

“The ticket prices will cover the entertainment, food, decorations etc.”

Brian MacDonald, of the MacDonald Brothers, revealed the duo are looking forward to performing on the night.

He said: “After an eventless two years due to Covid-19 we are extremely happy to finally be back performing and doing what we love.

“By talking to Lisa and learning about her role in the NHS, we developed a great insight into the stress and pressure that staff can be under.

“So, when Lisa had the idea to put on an event for the staff as a celebration of their hard work and a chance to let their hair down, we jumped at the opportunity.

“We are excited to be a part of a very special event that Lisa has organised off her own back and look forward to filling the dance floor in Hampden.”

Doors open at 7pm.

For more information, or to purchase tickets, search “Big Night Out Celebrating Courage” on eventbrite.co.uk or email bignightoutcelebratingcourage@outlook.com.