GREENOCK-born Martin Compston shared his experiences filming his new BBC series.

In an Instagram post, he said it was a 'joy to see Scotland' while creating Scottish Fling.

The Line of Duty star will be sharing the spotlight with his friend and Gaelic television presenter, Phil MacHugh and the show will be available to stream later this year.

The post read: "Truly unforgettable six weeks. A joy to see Scotland top to bottom left to right up and down and back again.

"Met some incredible people along the way and nobody better to share it with than Phil MacHugh can’t wait for an audience to meet this lad.

"Thanks to our wonderful crew and the team at Tern TV, can’t wait to see it all put together.

"Scottish Fling is coming to BBC Scotland and BBC2 later this year."

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His fans were quick to show support in the comments.

Someone said: "Can't wait to see this."

Another person commented: "A true Scottish icon making a series about Scotland."