The Scottish Child Payment is set to increase as part of Nicola Sturgeon’s new programme for government aimed at tackling the spiraling cost-of-living crisis.  

The benefit, which currently helps over 100,000 Scottish children under the age of 6, pays £20 a week to eligible young people. 

Previously, the Scottish government doubled the allowance to £20 as part of measures in April and is preparing for a further rise. 

Payments are set to increase to £25, resulting in a 150% increase in less than 8 months. 

Speaking ahead of her statement to Holyrood, the First Minister said that this policy would “mitigate the growing cost emergency.” 

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When is the Scottish Child Payment rising? 

The Scottish Government announced that changes will come into effect on November 14 when heating and other living expenses are expected to rise. 

The payment increases form part of the Scottish Government’s second ‘Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan’ aimed for full implementation by the end of 2022. 

Who is eligible? 

The benefit is open to all under-16s and is estimated to help an estimated 400,000 young people. 

What are the Scottish Child Payment dates in 2022? 

The Scottish Child Payment is given every four weeks with the accumulated weeks paid out as a single payment. 

What has been said? 

The First Minister said: “The Scottish child payment is unique to Scotland, the most ambitious child poverty reduction measure in the UK and an important action to mitigate the growing cost emergency.” 

“The most significant powers to tackle this crisis rest squarely with the U.K Government and their inaction has compounded the difficulties everyone is facing.” 

A spokesperson for the U.K government said: “We know that rising prices are impacting people in Scotland and across the UK” and stated that £37 billion worth of support had been earmarked to help people over the winter months. 

They added: “We have also provided the Scottish Government with a record £41 billion settlement for the next three years and it has significant control over taxes and benefits.”