HOLLYWOOD megastar Samuel L Jackson was reportedly spotted in a Scots town this week for filming on a “top-secret” project.

The Almond Valley Heritage Centre, in Livingston, said part of its site had been “transformed into the production village of a major film production” over the weekend.

They further suggested that Jackson had been present, and hinted that it could be an installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) which is being filmed.

The centre wrote on Facebook: “A little bit of Hollywood came to Almond Valley this week as our overflow car park was transformed into the production village of a major film production.

“A string of big fancy trailers parked up in our field, providing base camp for cast and crew as they filmed at various local locations. It was (and is) all very top-secret and even if we knew more, we wouldn’t clype.

Glasgow Times:

“Suffice to say, we’re preparing a commemorative plaque, proudly stating ‘somewhere near this bush, make-up was applied to Samuel L Jackson’.”

They added: “Our apologies if anyone was inconvenienced by all these goings-on – these marvels don’t happen every day.”

The final hint has been taken by some to mean that the upcoming movie The Marvels is what was being filmed.

Jackson, who plays Nick Fury in the MCU, could also be set to appear in upcoming Avengers movies.

Livingston local Sue Smillie told The Daily Record: “They filmed in the church – Samuel L Jackson walks up the path to the church and peers in a window then goes in for a while before walking back down the path and gets into a car.”