She was one of the biggest names in '80s pop and now she's back ...

in Glasgow.

Belinda Carlisle – who famously sang "Heaven is a Place on Earth"–will join a line of of the biggest bands of that decade this summer.

And for fans of Belinda, Rick Astley, Bananarama, Paul Young, Toyah Willcox and Curiousity Killed the Cat heaven will be a place on Glasgow Green, when they take to the stage at one of the biggest retro gigs the city has seen.

There can't be many thirty- and forty-something Glaswegians who can't hum their tunes?

But what is most pleasing is where Belinda and her fellow stars will be performing.

Most European cities had their showgrounds in the Middle Ages. Few can boast that they still have them.

Glasgow Green, which has been hosting city fairs since the 15th Century, is still going strong today and the sound of the '80s gig co-incides which that other great event the Glasgow Show.

Add to that the concert by the reformed Wet Wet Wet and we can certainly look forward to a great run of entertainment over the Glasgow Fair holiday.

Because Scotland's biggest city deserves the country's best summer day out.

And it sounds like we're going to get one this year.