1. VATICAN CITY: At 110 acres and with 800 people, it is the world's smallest independent city-state.

2. SAN MARINO: Capital of the Republic of San Marino, its 4500 people live in the world's oldest sovereign state.

3. VADUZ, LIECHTENSTEIN: Home to 5100 people, the city was founded in the 1300s.

4. VALLETTA, MALTA: The Mediterranean city, known for its Baroque architecture, has 7000 inhabitants.

5. ANDORRA LA VELLA, ANDORRA: The highest capital in Europe sits in the Pyrenees and has a population of 22,000.

6. MONACO: A city state on the French Riviera and with a population of 36,000, it is known as a tax haven.

7. LUXEMBOURG: Capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, this financial centre has 103,000 inhabitants.

8. REYKJAVIK, ICELAND: The most northerly capital has 120,000 people. Its name means Bay of Smokes.

9. BERN, SWITZERLAND: One of the top cities for quality of life, it has 138,000 inhabitants. Albert Einstein lived here.

10. LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA: It has 280,000 residents and is famous for its bridges over the Ljubljanica River.