1 Haphephobia:

A morbid fear of being touched.

2 Doraphobia:

The dread of touching the skin or fur of an animal.

3 Eremophobia:

Morbid fear of being alone. A symptom of depression and manifests itself after trauma or the loss of a loved one.

4 Ergophobia:

A fear of or aversion to work. Sufferers become irrationally anxious about the workplace.

5 Hypnophobia:

A morbid fear of sleep. It may result from control loss and repeating nightmares.

6 Brontophobia:

An abnormal fear of thunder. When indoors sufferers will hide and suffer anxiety outside.

7 Kakorrhaphiophobia:

An abnormal fear of failure. The fear can consume a person's every thought.

8 Ophidiophobia:

A fear of snakes. The most common phobia, affecting one third of the population.

9 Taphephobia;

Fear of being buried alive. More specifically the fear of being put in a grave while alive.

10 Phobophobia:

An excessive fear of acquiring a phobia. Patients develop anxiety and panic attacks.