1 Rudolf Nureyev Born in Russia, he was a soloist for the Kirov Ballet at 20 and later broke into film.

2 Mikhail Baryshnikov One of the greatest ballet dancers of all time, and many critics consider him the best.

3 Fred Astaire And Ginger Rogers They made dancing appealing to the masses during rather prudish times.

4 Joaquin Cortes He cemented Flamenco dancing's place in popular culture.

5 Michael Jackson An innovator who was primarily self-taught and designed new dance moves.

6 Sylvie Guillem She has re-shaped the popular image of the ballerina.

7 Gene Kelly One of the top stars and greatest innovators during Hollywood's golden musical age.

8 Josephine Baker Her exotic charm and dance talents were a perfect combination.

9 Martha Graham Known as the mother of modern dance.

10 Vaslav Nijinsky: Ballet star known for appearing to defy gravity with magnificent leaps.