TOMORROW with the publication of the long-awaited White Paper we should have all the information needed to ask the questions and make up our minds about independence.

The document is 670 pages long, so should be of sufficient size to address all the questions about economy, international relations, currency and taxation.

Until now we have had to endure arguments over which television shows we will be able to watch and whether or not we will be able to hop over the border to visit England as easily as we can now.

There is still nine months to go till the referendum, which is plenty of time for the White Paper to be digested and any questions arising or remaining, to be answered fully and frankly.

What the people of Scotland deserve more than anything from the politicians is honesty between now and decision day.

There can be no assertions which people know not to be true or which are unknown until the event, and trying to win votes on the basis of not being able to watch Eastenders renders some unfit to participate in campaigning.

The people need to start asking the serious questions to allow a true informed debate, and the politicians need to provide honest answers - not the ones they want us to hear.