1 Vexillologist:

Someone who studies and collects information on flags.

2 Astacologist: A person who investigates and analyses crayfish.

3 Omnibologist: A bus-spotter, or someone who studies motor buses.

4 Pogonologist:

This hit the headlines recently thanks to Jeremy Paxman growing a beard. It means someone who makes studies of beards.

5 Sindonologist: One who studies the Shroud of Turin.

6 Philematologist: Someone concerned with the art and study of kissing.

7 Labologist: A person who studies and collects beer and wine bottle labels.

8 Ktenologist: One who studies the science of putting people to death.

9 Deltiologist: A person who collects and studies postcards.

10 Batologist: Someone who is concerned in the study of brambles.