1 John Gordon Sinclair:

Played a few other movie roles and sang I Have A Dream with the 1982 Scotland World Cup squad.

2 Dee Hepburn: The Airdrie girl's only other starring role was a three-year stint as a receptionist in TV soap Crossroads.

3 Clare Grogan: The lead singer of Altered Images arranged a date between Hepburn and Sinclair.

4 Jake D'Arcy: He played the school football coach and has also appeared in Tutti Frutti, Still Game, Taggart and Hamish Macbeth.

5 Chic Murray: The veteran comedian played a memorable role as the piano-playing headmaster.

6 Douglas Sannachan: The window cleaner famous for the line, "If I don't see you through the week, I'll see you through a window".

7 Robert Buchanan: Famous for the scene where he held up a sign for Caracas while standing at the side of the road.

8 Allison Forster: She played Gregory's sister Madeleine, whom he turns to for advice. She is the real "Gregory's Girl".

9 Alex Norton: He played a teacher alongside his hero Chic Murray and later starred in Taggart.

10 Billy Greenlees: Gregory's best friend and an expert cook.