1 Archie Macpherson:

Woof! Archie, from Shettleston, has been commentating on football since the 1960s.

2 Arthur Montford: Famous for his sports jackets, "what a stramash", and "disaster for Scotland".

3 Bob Crampsey: A former Coatbridge head teacher, he was the BBC's Brain of Britain in 1965.

4 Chick Young: His breatless commentating style has seen him lampooned on Only an Excuse.

5 Jock Brown: Lawyer brother of ex-Scotland boss Craig.

6 Rob McLean: The Highlander followed Jock Brown as BBC's main commentator and is still familiar as man with the mic.

7 Derek Rae: Evening Times columnist, his TV career started in his home town of Aberdeen.

8 Jim Spence: The Dundee man is another slagged off by the Only an Excuse team.

9 John Barnes: Famously punched by ex-Dundee United manager Jim McLean.

10 Kheredine Idessane: Former athlete who commentates on BBC.