He has always worn his trousers a bit too high and his shirt buttons are too often undone but Tommy is more like Simon Cowell this week than ever.

He has organised a big #HopeOverFear rally in George Square on Sunday in response to the thousands of messages on social media imploring him to organise an event.

Now he has bands and musicians contacting him every day asking to perform in the square. It has been an incredible response.

It seems everyone and his dog is going along, and well over 25 bands and singers have asked if they can strut their stuff. I thought noon until 5pm was too long but at this rate it might not be long enough.

Over 12 artists will sing and help create a great atmosphere in the square, and speeches and face painting will all blend together to make it a festival of hope.

Of course the referendum is over and the Yes campaign lost but the fervour, energy and expectation that was stirred up during the last 12 months will not easily dissipate, if at all. Remember 71% of teenagers voted Yes. They are Scotland's future.

I am particularly looking forward to hearing Dennis Curran from Loaves and Fishes talk about the scandal of food banks in this day and age, and the fabulous work they and others do to help the most impoverished in the West of Scotland.

My beautiful girl Keira Lucchesi will also speak alongside other actors who consistently campaigned for Yes like Martin Compston, Paul Brannigan and Carmen Pieraccini. Keira says she is nervous but she will be great on the day because she is only telling everyone what is in her heart. She will make me and her mammy, my auld pal Angie, very proud.

All in all it is shaping up to be a marvellous event with people coming from all across Scotland. According to Tommy's Facebook page over 12,000 will be there. I just hope the weather is kind and at least the rain stays off.

Spot on Robson Green

I like wee Robson Green. I think he's a comfortable actor. I liked him in Wire in the Blood and I've also tuned into his wee fishing show occasionally.

His new series 'Grantchester' which I watched last night shows promise. I served him on a flight some years ago. He was a nice guy, very chatty and courteous.

His estimation in my eyes increased even more when I read what he had to say about the millionaires who seem to think paying taxes is optional for them.

Referring to the controversy surrounding celebrities seeking to shelter their earnings from taxation he said; "Those who try to avoid tax should hang their heads in shame. That comedian…what's his name? Carr? No, he is not getting away with it". Of course he could have easily applied his ire against Gary Barlow as well. Surely the super- rich celebrities should pay their taxes the way those who work as hard but get paid much less have to?

Tamara's toast

What about Tamara Ecclestone? The daughter of billionaire Formula One mogul Bernie can't tell the difference between bread and toast. She's seen in a reality TV show asking her husband, as she attempts to make him a bacon butty, "Is it called bread or toast when it's not toasted?" Honestly, there goes the waste of a very, very expensive private education!