This week, game on for France 2016, getting a hot bod at Bikram Yoga Southside and the tremendous Enchanted Forest.

Scotland Game

Saturday afternoons: what football was made for. I used to be an avid follower of the beautiful game, writing and presenting the football news for Sky and Virgin Media. However, in the last few years I've become a wee bit disillusioned by footy; with politics often seeming the real goal, rather than great sport.

On Saturday, however, I had the chance to go to the Scotland game at Ibrox, with the boys playing Georgia in the first of the Euro 2016 qualifiers. It was exhilarating to feel the buzz of a match. Tuck into some pie and Bovril and sing O' Flower of Scotland at the top of my lungs.

Was it an amazing game? Not really, but we did have some good ball play. Unfortunately, it was hampered by the same old up front problems and a lack of team effort that really gets scores on the board. We did, manage to chalk one up though, and walked away with a decent wee win against the Georgian side.

Turns out, it was a solid foundation for the mid-week match too, when we pulled a handsome draw against tougher team Poland. We're not quite back to the beautiful game, but we're getting there. Come on Scotland! On yerself and get tae France!

Bikram Yoga Southside

When I first started practising Bikram Yoga in Glasgow, there were no studios, just one guy who was so passionate about the hottest form of yoga, he held classes in his flat. There are now two: one on Byres Road (Bikram Yoga West End) and, the recently opened, Bikram Yoga Southside.

As yoga is all about balance, I wanted to check out this new studio, and I was intrigued by their quirky motivator; wear a calorie counter during the class, hit 800 and get a free smoothie. There is nothing more that I like than a challenge…or the offer of a freebie!

Bikram is a blast, and the benefits aren't all hot air. The combination of 26 postures and breathing exercises in the heat (around 40 degrees) are thought to strengthen and detoxify the body, improve the immune system and even reduce depression. It's also thought to be an extremely effective way of losing weight without causing a negative impact to your joints: so it's good for folk of all shapes and sizes. A Southside Bikram yogi, reportedly lost a stone and three inches from her waist in the first five weeks of her practice.

So, how did I do? Well, I only managed to hit 600 calories in the 90 minute class (but I treated myself to a smoothie from their juice bar anyway!). It's a great wee studio, with some fantastic teachers, including owner, Linda Ibrahim. In addition to the calorie counting challenge (anyone who signs up for a class can give it a go), they're also holding monthly 'Glowga' class for charity. Basically a healthy rave - neon clobber, glow sticks… and a better work out than any dance routine!

It's certainly one way to get a hot bod this winter!

Enchanted Forest

This week, I decided to branch out of Glasgow and head to Faskally Wood, near Pitlochry, for the award winning Enchanted Forrest. Given that it's been highlighted, by an international travel guide, as one of six unforgettable things to do in Europe this Autumn (other options were Crete and Italy) it didn't seem too far to stumble!

The Enchanted Forest is Scotland's premiere sound and light show, with over 45,000 folk venturing down to the woods during October for an event that, really is, a big surprise. The natural beauty of the woodland is put in the spotlight by thousands of glowing LEDs, flaming torches and spectacular luminous effects.

This year's theme is Elemental. As in Earth, Fire, Wind and Water, rather than the, occasionally, daft Scottish weather. There's a volcanic water feature, with fountains shooting from the depths of the loch to far above the trees. An electric sound and light show, which brings the forest to life, in an almost Frankensteinian way. And this year, there's also the dizzying addition of acrobats leaping about in the trees above you, all of which adds to the magic of this elementally unique event.

Wee Bird Recommends

Wee are always on the look out for new places for a cuppa and blether. Later this month, the first Gaelic cafe will open in Finnieston, called Coffee and Craic. The idea is to serve up some delicious, locally-sourced coffee and cakes as well as a wee side serving of Gaelic, through language workshops and training. Slàinte mhath!