The marquee was up again at the weekend for wee Gabrielle's 10th birthday party.

Not being able to chance the weather situation made it a necessity in case of rain. As it happens it stayed dry. The 24 children who came to the party during the day seemed to have a ball. So a good time was had by all. Even the adults enjoyed themselves. Although, as usual, my two sisters-in-laws and I ripped the 'backside' out of the evening by continuing into the wee small hours. Copious amounts of alcohol were consumed but I was only drinking to be sociable…very sociable. It was a great day and night. Surprise, surprise Gabrielle even made a wee speech thanking all her friends for coming along and bringing lovely gifts. I wonder who she learned that trait from?

Jury justice

I have to admit I am looking forward to the conclusion of the Andy Coulson perjury trial in Edinburgh tomorrow. Mr Coulson is alleged to have lied when he gave evidence on phone hacking and payment of officials by the News of the World at the trial of Tommy Sheridan in Glasgow in December 2010. He maintains his innocence and the jury of ordinary folk selected to listen to all the evidence will deliver their verdict tomorrow or sometime this week, as that is the core of the justice system. Juries hear all the evidence, not just the snippets reported by the media. They are always best placed to decide from the quality and quantity of evidence who and what to believe. Whether it is a guilty or not guilty verdict at least the jury will have honestly assessed the available evidence and decided accordingly. Without the jury system do we really have justice?

Homeless caseworkers strike

Talking about justice when will the Glasgow City Council homeless caseworkers ever get any? They are now into their ninth week on strike to be treated like the other front-line care workers in Glasgow. It is a disgrace that they continue to be ignored by the city councillors. Recognise the difficult and essential work they do. Give them the re-grading they deserve. I urge all trade union members and anyone who believes in social justice to support these strikers.

Fund cancer research not more bombs

I don't know about you but every time I watch the news or read about new drugs able to attack cancer and prolong the lives of sufferers my heart is filled with hope. It is such a horrible illness to be afflicted with and it strikes out randomly and indiscriminately. My mother has battled breast cancer once and Tommy's has battled it twice. They are both fighters and survivors. Not everyone is so fortunate. What really fills me with rage however is the constant charity drives required to fund such life-saving research. Why the hell should cancer research be dependent on charity? There is always billions of pounds available for wars and nuclear weapons but never enough for cancer research and life-saving drugs. I suggest the 100 billion to be set aside for a new generation of Trident nuclear weapons is instead diverted to saving lives via cancer research and other essential care services and Trident is made dependent on voluntary donations for its survival. That would be fairer and more appropriate. Get the gung-ho politicians and army generals out onto the streets with their collecting can and wee mini missile stickers. I wonder how many bombs they would be able to pay for then?