THE Summer Sessions gigs in Bellahouston Park should be a great occasion, with fans enjoying some of the biggest names in music.

The vast majority of the huge crowds over both days behaved and enjoyed themselves, but sadly it only takes a minority to ruin it for everyone else.

The stories of residents having to endure drunkenness and other anti-social behaviour in their streets and gardens are sadly too familiar, and the violence that broke out at the event itself will not come as a huge shock to most people.

The residents of the areas around Bellahouston Park should not have to put up with this behaviour.

The concerts caused anxiety in the weeks and days leading up to it and the residents’ fears were proved right.

The rubbish and empty drinks bottles and cans left in the surrounding streets is not what people want for their community.

It must be remembered that while the park may be a controlled zone during the event, all around are residential streets where the same stewarding is not taking place.

If it is anticipated the event will lead to so many offences and public disorder to the extent it cannot be effectively policed with available resources, then it has to be questioned whether future events should be granted a licence.

As a result of the behaviour of a minority it is sad that this question even has to be asked.