Too many lives are lost and too many families destroyed by alcohol addiction which cuts across all sectors of society.

Scotland and Glasgow has had serious problems with alcohol abuse, and the numbers of alcohol related deaths over the years bears this out.

Some may think that taking the example of Amy Winehouse into schools is a step too far, exposing children to the horrors of how a promising life was ended all too soon by alcohol addiction.

But it is to the credit of the foundation set up in the late singer’s name that they are actively seeking to use her life as an educational tool to warn children of the dangers of alcohol abuse.

Education is much more than just finger wagging and telling children something is bad. History tells us that doesn’t work.

The programme will also educate young people on the pressures that can lead to excessive drinking and, hopefully, give them a greater understanding of the harmful effects of alcohol if used the wrong way.

The culture of alcohol being mysterious and a gateway to the adult world, which encourages underage drinking, has to be ended, and giving children a fuller under- standing of alcohol and its dangers without demonising it could have positive outcomes.

As part of a wider strategy involving licensing, availability and pricing, such education is crucial to ensuring future generations are able to break the cycle of alcohol abuse.