MAY Stone needs a lung transplant and has been waiting for one year with a life debilitating condition that leaves her dependent on oxygen tanks.

May is not alone – there are thousands in need of an organ transplant that will give them a future and the chance of a normal life, able to do the things most people take for granted.

While numbers of people registered as donors has increased the number of organs for transplant in Scotland is the lowest in the UK, leaving people like May waiting longer for that vital operation.

For some the wait is in vain and they die before they are found an available match.

The opt out system can help change that and increase the number of organs by asking people to opt out of the system if they do not want to be a donor in stead of opting in.

The soft opt out system has safeguards that mean the expressed wishes of an individual will never be ignored and families also consulted.

MSP will be deciding on the Bill by MSP Anne McTaggart which was inspired by the Evening Times campaign in the next few weeks.

They have the chance to change the law and change life for people like May.

She said ‘sometimes government has to be bold’.

She is right and this Bill before them is one of those occasions.