THE new school campus in the south west of the city will be welcome news for parents and teachers in the communities it will serve.

The upgrading of the city’s primary schools has seen improvements across the city mostly with refurbishments, but the new-build school creates an environment built from scratch designed specifically for the nursery and primary education needs of the communities.

When schools merge due to falling rolls there can be anger in communities where the children have to travel to another area for their education.

But when managed properly the new facilities can provide benefits to far outweigh the inconveniences and education can be improved.

Glasgow has made some steady if limited progress in improving educational attainment in recent years but the results are moving in the right direction.

By getting primary and early years education right, and that involves the right facilities in the right locations, then children can be more likely to move to secondary better prepared for the academic rigours ahead.

The primary school refurbishment and rebuilding programme is laying the foundations for the future which hopefully in years to come will contribute to the results continuing to improve and at a faster rate.

Education must always be a priority for the city council as providing the conditions in which our children can learn and thrive is as important as any other policy.