HOUSING in Glasgow, it seems, is forever changing as solutions of the past become problems of the present and challenges of the future.

The city’s solution to the slums of the post-war period was high-rise living, much of which is today being cleared away for a new generation of social housing.

While many quality new-build developments are being created across the city by housing associations, there is still a recognised shortage of suitable affordable homes.

It is understandable that in certain areas it is frustrating to see available brownfield land, ideal for a development of mixed tenure family homes, being snapped up by developers to cash in on the student accommodation boom.

However, Glasgow is a city with three big and attractive universities and a growing number of colleges drawing students from Scotland and all over the world, and they need somewhere to live.

There are still many brownfield sites across Glasgow that are suitable for housing – some from recent demolitions, some from closed schools or other public buildings.

These are the sites to be released by the city council for the innovative house building drive with help to buy. What must be assured is that enough homes are available to the social housing market where home ownership is out of reach for many and not sold off to the highest bidder in the private housing sector.