IT’S now one year on from the referendum. And, while the result was conclusive, the recriminations have continued.

The arguments about more powers, what was promised and what will be delivered rage on and political division between those involved in the yes and no campaigns remain.

While the debate rumbles on, the business of running the Scottish Government continues and public services still have to be delivered and the economy managed in the most austere financial time in living memory for most people.

In that respect few could doubt that Nicola Sturgeon has been effective in what has been a very testing time for the SNP.

How her government responded to the referendum result could have had wider implications.

The people will judge the First Minister and the SNP next year on their record and that is open to debate.

However having taken over the job when Alex Salmond resigned Nicola Sturgeon appealed for all parties to strive for consensus where possible and she has not sought confrontation for its own sake.

On policy, effectiveness and Government the people will decide, but on leading the country in this remarkable time in history, in her commitment, demeanour and leadership few would grudge Nicola Sturgeon the respect she has earned as First Minister.