ARGYLE Street is one of the busiest streets in Glasgow and the junction with Queen Street sees more people crossing than most others in the city centre.

Recent accidents there involving buses and pedestrian suggest there is a problem that cannot be ignored.

Whether the solution is to have fewer buses in the busiest streets, more pedestrian areas or changes to the crossing itself it is apparent that some action is necessary.

The city centre has an issue with congestion and air quality with several blackspots suffering high pollution levels.

A new city centre traffic management plan is required to address all the issues in a coherent manner and not solutions that lead to the creation of a problem in another location.

With the number so people who work, visit and shop Glasgow city centre it must be ensured it is a safe as possible and people are able to move around freely.

A car-free city centre has been proposed and also a bus-free city centre with stations placed around the periphery with access only for pedestrians and service vehicles has been offered as a solution.

Many parties have expressed an interest with keeping customers in the retail trade a recurring theme for allowing cars in the city centre.

While the city must protect its businesses and economy the safety of the public must be the issue that is given paramount importance when any changes are considered.