THE study being run by the neuroscientists and psychologists at Glasgow University is exicting for medical diagnosis.

New ways of discovering people at risk of certain conditions is always an advantage and can allow treatment to be administered early.

The psychosis study is of particular benefit to young people where symptoms can be picked up by the brain scanner before they wold become obvious to a GP.

Not enough is understood about mental illness and people may be afraid to admit to or share symptoms with their doctor and attitudes towards mental health still have to improve among the population in general.

But if this study and new technology is able to help people get treatment and manage their conditions then it will have benefits long into the future.

The work is an example of some of the leading research being carried out at our universities.

This helps ensure they stay among the best in the world and attract the best academics and researchers and be among the most attractive for students.

Glasgow’s academic institutions have been at the forefront of new technologies across a range of disciplines throughout their history.

This shows the desire for innovation and the thirst for greater knowledge and understanding is alive and well in the city.

Just as it always has.