GLASGOW is home to many fine historic buildings and is internationally renowned for the quality of its architecture.

Pollok House is unquestionably one such example and it draws visitors from far and near to its grounds and interiors.

Some may argue that the city has other spending priorities ... maintaining other homes – homes where people live and which are in need of repair and investment.

But the city is right to spend the money ensuring Pollok House is in the best condition possible, so it can be an asset for many years to come.

The house like its neighbouring Burrell Collection draws many people to the South of the city and brings benefits to the local economy.

Like The Burrell, it requires upgrading to ensure its survival and the safety of the visiting public.

When the Art Gallery and Museum at Kelvingrove required a major refurbishment the public, businesses and those who loved the place contributed to the cost.

Perhaps something similar can be suggested for Pollok House to keep the contribution from the public purse to a minimum when budgets are tight and there are so many priorities competing for cash.

Maintaining our heritage, however, must remain one such priotity.

Glasgow is lucky to have been bestowed with such fine buildings and benefits greatly from their existence. As such we have a duty to maintain and preserve them.

Our heritage must a priority in .