IT seems obvious that in areas where there is serious deprivation there is going to be a population with more ill health.

The links between poverty and poor health have been well researched in recent years and the link is undeniable.

So the GP surgeries in these areas are undoubtedly going to have a higher workload than in more affluent locations.

Consider that people in the poorest areas also have lower healthy life expectancy and people are living longer, then many are living longer with multiple health issues.

The GPs at the Balmore Practice in Possilpark are not alone in fearing they will be unable to cope with the growing demand in the long term and are not able to provide the level of service their patients need under existing resources.

The Health Secretary agrees action is required to ensure the long-term future of the practice and the Health Board is putting in a review team to check out the problems.

The concerns are genuine and the GPs from similar ‘Deep End’ practices across the city are in similar situations.

Funding has to follow where the need is greatest if we are to make a difference and deal with health inequalities.

The problems at Balmore Practice need to be addressed and it must be to ensure others are given support to prevent them reaching the same desperate state.