THE fall in the number of people making applications as homeless is to be welcomed but the total illustrates a huge problem still exists.

For there to be almost 1300 cases in the city in the space of just three months where individuals and families become homeless is evidence that urgent and ongoing action is required.

The reasons given for their predicament include those which have always existed, including family break up and someone being asked to leave.

The list also includes fleeing an abusive relationship and benefit cuts and economic problems leading to rent or mortgage arrears.

The reasons are varied but are not new and must be mitigated against by society having adequate contingency plans to help people when they find themselves in need of somewhere to stay.

Part of that involves ensuring there is enough housing stock available in the social rented sector.

In Glasgow there has been an increase in the number of children in households living in temporary accommodation.

This situation if prolonged has an effect on the health and education of the child.

That can be addressed by government ensuring enough homes are built to allow these families to move out of the temporary accommodation into somewhere they can call home.

It shouldn’t be too much for a child to expect.