THE new problems with the Fastlink bus route are the latest in a line of difficulties with the new transport system.

Initially, the plan was to have the service up and running before the Commonwealth Games, which did not happen. Instead, it was to open in time for the new hospital this year.

Residents and businesses in Govan were not happy about the years of disruption for a service they felt would benefit others.

The full programme was to include a new bus hub in Union Street and stops at the key bus and train station interchanges in the city centre.

But the aim of Fastlink was to make journeys through the city centre and to the hospital and SECC faster – the clue is in the name.

For bus firms to look to de-register from the scheme and order drivers not to use dedicated lanes not only makes the system useless, it will add to congestion on the main routes which it was meant to address.

The problems identified need to be dealt with quickly and the system completed to allow the city to have an efficient transport system that is more than just a logo on the side of a bus.

Congestion in the city centre is still a problem and ensuring there is adequate public transport to the new hospital is a priority.

Fastlink has been a long time coming and has not had a smooth passage so far.

It’s time it was sorted out once and for all.