THE supplies which left Glasgow for Serbia will be welcomed and put to good use.

When the appeal was made by Glasgow the Caring City charity it was answered with people, community groups and businesses responding with generous donations of cash and clothes.

The truck load is heading to Serbia, where thousands fleeing Syria have amassed hoping to reach the European Union and asylum.

The numbers are huge and they are not only in Serbia but in camps in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq. ohers have reached Greece and Italy while many are at Calais, in France.

The scale of the crisis is massive and the lorry load of soap and clothes will be used in no time.

The men, women and children who are facing a bleak and cold winter with little or no shelter will need support for a long time to come.

Glasgow the Caring City will be taking more supplies and needs donations of warm clothing and cash to help it with transport costs.

Glasgow’s citizens have always stood up to be counted when people are in need, whether it is help with food banks or building hospices at home or with emergency aid and disaster relief abroad.

These people are fleeing war and their homeland and are at the mercy of others.

Those who are helped by the aid effort will know people in Glasgow do not turn a blind eye to the suffering of others.