THEY represented the bright new future of housing in Glasgow when they were built, spacious and luxurious compared to the slum housing many people had come from.

Now Red Road lies in ruins, much like the dreams of those who moved in, as the flats, like many others in the city, quickly became associated with dampness, anti-social behaviour, drugs and crime.

Glasgow’s well intentioned high rise housing project ultimately failed, but the homes were not to blame for the unemployment, poverty and decline of community and neglect that blighted the area.

Now with demolition there will be an opportunity once again for renewal and for new homes to be built and new communities to be created on the vast site in the north of the city.

It will take time to complete the demolition and clear up what remains of the giant tower blocks.

The people living in the wider area understandably want it cleared as soon as possible but you can’t just magic away the tonnes of rubble that bringing down six mammoth multi-storeys creates.

What is now important is that whatever is put in place on the site is carefully considered, ensuring the right mix of housing, amenities and commercial opportunities to bring opportunity to a site that was once the future but soon became a broken dream.

The Red Road flats meant many things to many people but their time was up long ago.