EVERYONE should feel safe travelling on public transport, whether trains or buses.

Sadly that is not always the case, and the statistics for hate crime – where people are attacked because of their race, religion, sexuality or disability – show that it is an all too comon an occurrence.

Trapped on a bus or train carriage, there is no escape for someone subjected to the abuse of morons who want to intimidate someone they perceive to be weaker than them.

The Hate Crime Awareness week is timely as it sets out to encourage people to speak up and report offences to train staff.

Some people may think once the incident is over no-one will pay attention to their complaint.

But British Transport Police and ScotRail will take reports seriously and with CCTV and appeals to other passengers for information the cowards can be brought to justice.

Whether it is abuse of passengers or verbal or physical attacks on staff there is no excuse and this behaviour shouldn’t be tolerated by anyone.

The first step is to report it and let the police and transport officials investigate the circumstance.

The best way to deal with those who hurl vile abuse is to see them named and shamed as ignorant, bigoted cowards.

And if their big mouths or fists land them in court then they might just get the message...

Behave, or else!