ONE in four children living in poverty is a statistic that should shame our country and force our political leaders into greater action.

In parts of Glasgow this figure is even higher and the recent and continuing welfare reforms from the Conservative UK Government is making matters worse, with Calton in Glasgow losing the most.

This week is Challenge Poverty Week and the Evening Times will highlight the concerns of campaigners and look to give a voice to those seeking change and those experiencing poverty.

Poverty is a scourge and affects people on benefits, people in work on low-paid jobs, disabled people and those in insecure work.

This country has more than enough wealth to ensure there is an adequate safety net for those in need, but that is not happening because the Prime Minister, Chancellor and Work & Pensions Secretary are engaged in a war on the poor, punishing people suffering hardship and demonising them as a drain on society.

We will have another five years of this despite the Prime Minister’s speech about tackling poverty, and it it is up to other tiers of government closer to home to ensure the best protection possible is put in place.

Poverty is not only the day to day living, which is difficult enough, but affects the long-term future of children raised under its spectre.

It is our society’s duty to protect them .