IT is not the image Glasgow wants to be associated with but it is a fact that exists and that cannot be escaped.

In the Merchant City and in the east end where many of the memories created by the Commonwealth Games still live on, is the evidence of a city with a drug problem.

Needles and other drug taking equipment left lying in doorways, and dozens found in a public toilet in just a few days is not an acceptable situation.

The environmental health dangers to the wider population are clear and the risk of contamination must be dealt with.

The concerns of residents must be addressed – they are worried about the health risks and danger of crime.

However, the needles have been left behind by real people with real problems and they cannot simply be moved on to another location.

Glasgow obviously still has a serious problem with heroin and other drugs and is home to many people who require help.

While the city beamed its best face around the work last year and won many friends, the problems persist.

There can be no let up in the fight to take drugs off our streets through enforcement action.

At the same time the rehabilitation of those who live with the misery of drugs must continue to be a priority and those in need not be pushed out of sight.

We will all benefit from that.