COMMUNITY safety wardens are out and about all over the city with the job of helping to keep people safe.

The mobile CCTV units are a deterrent to anti-social behaviour in known hotspots and a useful evidence gathering tool when crime occurs.

For the staff to be targeted in this vile and disgusting manner is completely unacceptable. It is not only foul but represents a risk to their health and this should be borne in mind if anyone is caught and convicted of this offence.

It is highly unlikely whoever is carrying out this act would attempt to do it to a police vehicle and the wardens need to be given the same protection as emergency workers.

They are out working putting themselves at risk from people who see their presence as a threat to their criminal activity and as such deserve the full support of the public.

There has been more than one reported incident and this behaviour has to be stopped.

It is dangerous and in no way amusing to anyone other than those responsible.

The wardens are workers providing a service and should not have to put up with attacks like this. The hope is the morons in our midst doing this are caught and dealt with appropriately. It would be a pleasing irony if it turns out that CCTV from a community safety service van is the method by which the culprits are brought to justice.