What do you get when you get when you cross Paolo Nutini, Claire from Steps and Joe McFadden from Holby City? A pretty surreal and boozy Saturday night out at the Admiral Bar, that's what!

No, you're not tripping, the random Saturday night out was a complete fluke and we couldn't resist getting a photo. Claire was in Glasgow for a PA at the weekend - she and my pal Jono worked together on her documentary "slave to food" a few years ago, so we took her out on the Finny Strip (my name for the new swanky part of Argyle Street for those who don't know!)

Glasgow Times:

Now, I can't even pretend to be cool about this, I was a total Steps fanatic when I was younger. An out and out pop tart, and I don't care who knows it. Much like when I spied Kylie Minogue having dinner beside me in London during the summer, my inner teenager was once again doing cartwheels and kicking his height. I'm not just saying this but Claire was my favourite Steps member, she has the best voice by far and I can say this because my pal Ryan and I went to see them three times at the SECC. Laureen Guthrie from my school even got her haircut in second year to look like Claire (I texted her the photo of us together, obvs.) We took Steps very seriously at Castlemilk High. I can safely announce to you all that she is an absolute delight and my inner teenager got to ask about all of the Steps gossip and chew the cud about the 90s pop world. A dream come true.

The quiet dinner turned into a night at Pretty Ugly at the Admiral bar on Waterloo Street. Paolo was there on a night out now that his tour for Caustic Love is over, so we grabbed a quick picture with him. The lovely Joe McFadden was in town for the Scottish Bafta's, so he came to join us too. A disgusting amount of tequila and plenty boogies later, it was time to get my beauty sleep in preparation for the awards.

Glasgow Times:

I was absolutely rattling on Sunday and had to get myself in decent nick for the highlight of my social calendar. I've been lucky enough to be invited along to the Bafta's for the last few years and it's a brilliant night. Scotland's best loved and most glittering faces come home to celebrate all that's been achieved in the world of film and television. Edith Bowman was our hostess with the mostess and done a spectacular job. I've met Edith a few times now and she is such a cool girl. I always love hearing from Jude McLaverty, director of Bafta in Scotland, she always makes a cracking opening speech. Funny, eloquent and such a lovely lassie - congratulations to you and your team for yet another smashing awards.

Winners on the night included Robert Carlyle and Emma Thomson as best director and best actress for a film. I was completely blown away by the winners of the Outstanding Contribution categories; Bill Paterson received his for Film and TV, Dorothy Byrne for Broadcasting and David Balfour got the Craft Award. All three of them have been working in their fields for many years and were all so humble and totally inspiring. David Balfour let me hold his award when I met him on my way into the loo - it was so heavy! Congratulations to all of the winners, I hope you had a fantastic evening. As for me, I got totally gassed again and had to be a panto dame the next day with yet another dirty hangover. I am aff it.