So this week I’ve been in London for the 2015 UK Dating Awards. Last week, I was over the moon to find out I’d been shortlisted for ‘Blogger of the Year’ so I made my way down to the stunning Honourable Artillery Company venue for a bit of red carpet action and one too many champagnes. The awards were founded by the wonderful Charly Lester, who has done an incredible job over the last two years in giving the industry some long overdue recognition.

Glasgow Times:

On the day, the biggest challenge for me unfortunately was actually getting there and getting ready. I’ve travelled across entire countries before but stick me on the London underground and I’m like a child lost in a supermarket. I’m used to Glasgow’s single circle though, can you blame me? I also had a bit of a kilt mishap, forgot the socks and forgot I’d torn a big slit in it the last time I’d worn it. Couldn’t quite pull off the saucy kilt look so it was a makeshift outfit of black skinny jeans and converse to a black tie event, but hey I always like to be different.

The industry has been enjoying a bit of a resurgence in popularity in recent times. People seem to be far more open-minded and as result are embracing alternative forms of dating. Winners of the ‘Most original Dating Event’ award were a company called Playdate London, who if anything are an absolute breathe of fresh air for the industry. These guys arrange a series of dates that I had never even contemplated before, my personal favourite being a waterfight date! Can you just imagine the summer madness in Kelvingrove? Beats sitting in the pub – again.

In my category I was up against Cosmopolitan Blog winner ‘Simply Oloni’ and The Guardian’s Lauren Crouch, this time however the award went to London based Jordi Sinclair for his awesome blog ‘Thirty Something London.’ I was over the moon for Jordi and pleased for a fellow male blogger to take home the award and this was a refreshing theme throughout the event, everyone was incredibly supportive of one another. I mean obviously we all wanted to win, but overall everyone was happy just to be out there showing their support for the industry.

Glasgow Times:

As the night got into full swing it dawned on me just how great this industry is. Many people have had bad online experiences which I think have tainted dating for far too long, but there’s definitely plenty of alternatives out there, maybe we really should give this waterfight thing a go? I’ve always said dating is all about how you approach it, never treat it as a life or death situation just go with the flow, relax and ultimately enjoy yourself and I think everyone at the event shared that outlook. That being said, amazing how many single people there were in a room full of Matchmakers and Dating Experts! At the present moment, Glasgow doesn’t quite have the variety that London does, but that’s no excuse not to keep an open mind. If Tinder doesn’t work for you then try Speed Dating and if that doesn’t work, well just move to London.

All in all the event was a major success and I had an awesome time partying the night away with the likes of Authors Claudia Cox and Samantha Bye and a host of other talented folk. I just want to say another big thank you to all my readers for your messages of support and a shoutout to my friend and boss, Naomi Lewis, who was also a finalist at the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards. Lots of work for 2016 to do now but I seriously can’t wait, although next year I think I’ll avoid the ten hour bus journey home.

Happy Dating!