Happy New Year folks! I hope your 2016 is off to a flying start. The festive period is over and done with for another year, congratulations, you made it. Livers are non-existent, we are rattling from too many boxes of Celebrations and blowing the cobwebs off of our gym memberships. New year, new start. I said last week that I wasn't one for resolutions as such, I always break them. I'm not exempt from wanting a fresh start to the year though - I've been back on the wheatgrass and green juices of a morning, binned the white bread in favour of rye. I love the tradition of it all, clean out the house, clean out our bodies. Embrace it I say. January is the Monday of the months, we all dread it and are desperate to get through it. Poor old January gets a bad rep.

Most of you will be back at work by now, showing off your Christmas swag and sharing horror/success stories of how New Year's Eve went down over the water cooler or is it over a superfood salad in the canteen? I had a lovely NYE with my pals Jono, Rikki and Douglas the dog. We had lots of champagne, amazing food and listened to old records all night. It was low key and so much fun. I'm on the home stretch with the panto at the Pavilion. Whilst you lot have been enjoying a pajama day in front of The Sound of Music, I've still been covering myself in glitter and stomping about in my high heels giving the good people of Glasgow my Nanny Nae Nonsense. The panto crew work away over Christmas and New Year, with most of them winding down now. I've had a total ball, but two shows a day for six days a week - it's safe to say I'm gubbed.

Glasgow Times:

The new year is off to a scandalous start for the artist Ellie Harrison. Creative Scotland are funding her with £15,000 to live within the Greater Glasgow area for a year without leaving, except in the event of ill - health or death of a close friend or relative. The internet has gone into a meltdown over it, with many Glaswegian's outraged at the fact Ellie is now being paid to live in the city that she's inhabited since 2008 all in the name of art. Creative Scotland have defended their decision to fund Ellie in her project, the premise being that "if society wishes to achieve global change, then individuals have to be more active within their communities at a local level" All fine and well. However, at a time where one in three children are living in poverty in Glasgow, I can't help but think this is a case of poor timing. The other bugbear is that the Facebook cover photo for the project is a plate of chips. Yes, art is subjective and often tongue in cheek but Glasgow is so much more than that. Our culture is brilliant and varied. Come on Ellie hen, surely a nice wee landscape of the city would have been better. You've lived here long enough to know that Glaswegian's are fiercely patriotic - or is that the point? Like it or loathe it, we are all discussing it. I would hate to think taking a swipe at Glasgow is one big PR stunt. Anyway, it's 2016, doesn't she know we're all clean eating and our bodies are temples? Now, pass the quinoa and let's hug it out.