Over the past year I’ve looked at many forms of dating. From online, to speed dating and even the odd blind date everyone seems to have mixed opinions about what works best for them. But what are some of the more alternative ways people meet prospective partners? This week I’ve been looking at some of the more unusual ways people find love with a mix of interesting, funny and downright ridiculous results.

Shhh Dating – This is an organisation who have introduced an event whereby you are quite literally not allowed to speak – silent speed dating if you will! I really love the idea of trying different things and I admire people who try and shake things up a little bit but for me personally there is absolutely no way I could keep a straight face for five minutes of ‘eye-gazing’!

Meddlers of Honour – As featured in Grazia, this event is all out dating war. Imagine trying to impress someone whilst trained ‘meddlers do everything in their power to sabotage and even steal your date. Insecure about your receding hairline? Expect it to be publicised to everyone in earshot. Anything goes in this event with the end of goal of retaining your date until the end. You certainly need a thick skin for this, but to me it sounds like bags of fun!

Adult Baby Dating – I can’t help but shiver as I write this but yes, ABDLMatch, a website for adult babies really does exist. To be more specific these ‘adult babies’ are basically adults who dress and act like babies in each other’s company. “We love helping adult babies connect with Mommies and Daddies and vice versa” (shiver, shiver, shiver) Each to their own and all that but I couldn’t bring myself to investigate this any further than reading the initial description.

Lock and Key Parties – This is basically a party consisting of anything up to fifty participants. The girls have padlocks attached to their wrists and the guys are given keys to start working their way around the room. With enough people I think this could be really fun, just don’t lose your key!

Dating In The Dark – Some of you may remember the TV show on UK Living a few years back, I LOVED this show! Well now the Original Dating Company have introduced this event to their roster. Imagine forty people sat in complete darkness dating, I did wonder how they move from table to table in such darkness but the confusion perhaps makes it even more hilarious. This is an event I would love to see introduced to the Glasgow Dating scene, even if you don’t meet someone I think the comedy value would be tremendous!

Zombie Passions – “A 100% free online dating and social networking site for zombies, zombie lovers and people who have been working in a dead end job too long.” Need I say more?

Gluten Free Singles – I guess this one is all about convenience for when the time comes to do a weekly shop. Basing your dating preferences on having allergies in common seems crazy but I suppose for some people it makes perfect sense.

CanDoBetter.com – This one really is bizarre and I’m not quite sure what the purpose is nor do I understand why you would let your partner use it. Basically, you and your partner upload a picture of you both allowing members of the website to vote on which one of you can do better! Whoever wins gains full access to the site and I’d imagine, your partner ends the relationship. Strange stuff to say the least.

A few strange events but you can’t fault them for creativity and it sure beats Tinder! Shake up your dating life in 2016 and give them a go – well some of them anyway.

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