A TRANSPLANT could have saved May Stone’s life. And the heartbreak suffered by her family could possibly have been avoided.

But the shortage of organs available for transplant meant that May died while still on the waiting list for a suitable organ AND while MSPs continue to debate the pros and cons of a Bill which would introduce a law we believe could save the lives of many like her.

Through the Evening Times’ Opt For Life campaign and the work of charities like Kidney Research UK, the evidence has been stacking up in favour of changing the law to an opt-out system.

MSPs will vote next month on whether to continue with the Bill currently before parliament and, through our campaign, we know that a majority are in favour of the change. But the Scottish Government has said it wants to wait to evaluate the situation in Wales, where opt-out has already been implemented.

The time for waiting, however, is over. We call on the Scottish Government and all MSPs who supported the campaign to back the Bill and change the law now.

Lives depend on it.