It had been a long, cold day and I'd been traipsing the city streets on the hunt for clues for my latest case.

The Moll was in an unusually pleasant mood, having just returned from a weekend in London wining, dining and shmoozing with her pals.

Unsurprisingly, returning with her were at least three new pairs of red stilettos and a fur coat which I'm sure was identical to the dozen or so she had bought in the last year.

"I suppose I'll be paying for those?" I sighed, as she flounced into the living room to show off her haul.

She shot me a glare, but ignored my question.

"What's for dinner, darling?" She cooed, as she trotted over in one of her new pair of heels.

"I've got just the place, Toots. And it's not far either."

We jumped in the Buik, I spun it around and headed straight for Dumpling Monkey on Dumbarton Road.

As we pulled up outside, the smell of spices, garlic and ginger hit our noses and we peered in at the steaming bowls of soup wafting in front of hungry diners.

A petite, dark haired woman ushered us in and gestured at a small, cramped table wedged between the wall and the ordering counter.

"Once you've picked from the menu, order up here." he said efficiently, and disappeared into the kitchen.

The Moll rolled her eyes as she glanced at the menu, scanning the drinks options before realising there was not a drop of booze in sight.

"You seem to be making a habit of taking me places that don't serve alcohol, Tec." she said sharply.

"I didn't notice, Toots. Honest." I replied, trying not to show my displeasure at the lack of booze too.

"We'll go for a glass of fizz afterwards.I'm sure the food will make up for it."

The menu was a bit baffling at first, with a huge range of food and lots of unusual dishes - pork tongue and ox tripe to name a few.

I settled on something a bit more to my taste - the special dumplings with pork, prawns and chives, followed by the spicy and sour Tom Yam chicken soup.

The Moll opted for a huge doughy steamed bun filled with Char Sui pork, followed by the Thai Chilli chicken curry and egg fried rice.

Reluctantly we both ordered tea to drink. I chose a traditional Oolong, while Toots went for a milky, coconut flavoured concoction which arrived complete with a plastic straw and strange gummy balls in the bottom.

She seemed unfazed by the unusual presentation, and slurped it down as we waited for our food.

We weren't waiting long though; within a matter of minutes a huge pile of dumplings had arrived, sticky and hot, followed by my soup.

We tucked in, making up a dipping sauce from the selection of condiments on the table.

They were perfect. Crispy on the outside soft and flavoursome inside. Before I knew it they were gone, and I started on the soup.

It was another delight. The Watery broth was soup but spicy, full of beansprouts, chicken and coriander.

The Moll seemed to be enjoying her curry, which tasted more like sweet and soup chicken than anything but she hoovered it up in no time.

I settled the bill when Toots went to powder her nose. I didn't want her knowing how cheap it had been or she'd have bought another three fur coats on her next trip.

I revved up the Buik and we headed home, stuffed and satisfied.

Dumpling Monkey

121 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow G11 6PR

0141 583 8300


Special Pot Sticker dumplings - £6.50

Char Sui Pork Steamed Bun - £1.50


Tom Yam Soup - £3.00

Thai Chilli Chicken curry - £ 6.00

Egg Fried Rice - £2.00


Oolong Tea - £1.50

Coconut Milk tea - £2.75

Total - £23.25


Food 3/4

Atmosphere 3/4

Service 4/4