Missing Link

I note, with interest, the completion of the final section of Scotland's M8 between Glasgow and Edinburgh,

Welcome as this long-overdue M8 completion is, there is another, major Scottish transport "missing link" which also requires due completion, viz Glasgow Crossrail, a favourably multi-appraised and long-sought project which is still being withheld and denied to rail travellers.

Glasgow Crossrail would help aid the daily commute and could encourage a modal shift from road to rail, whilst further reducing, for rail users, the overall cross-conurbation journey endured by the many who are required to break that daily journey and traipse across Glasgow to access the separately-operated rail networks south-west and north-east of the Clyde!

Its completion is also long-overdue.

Andrew Stephen, chairman, Cumbernauld Commuters' Association

Flat misery

I was pleased to read the Partick flat owners might now be able to get back into their properties.

It should be a concern to homeowners across the city how long this situation has been allowed to drag on for.

A situation like this could happen anywhere.

You would like to think the city council would be able to step in to settle disputes and bring matters to a head much sooner.

Good luck to the residents. I hope they don't have much longer to wait.

James Griffiths, by email

Minimum pay

Well done for naming and shaming the businesses that don't pay up to their staff.

I bet the bosses of these firms are quite happy with their salaries.

It is a disgrace in 2017 that workers are not being paid salaries that will give them a decent standard of living.

Hopefully this will be a wake up call to other firms that think they can get away with low wages and mistreating their staff.

Jo Bond, Wishaw

Boycott cheats

I hope the firms that have been underpaying their staff find themselves being hit in the pocket more than just paying out back pay.

Surely decent customers will boycott these places to teach them a lesson.

Linda Andrew, Clydebank

Faith campus

Good to see the joint faith campus in East Renfrewshire. Will be interesting to see how relationships between pupilsdevelops.

Sheila Baird, Dowanside