Ivy welcome

Great to read that the iconic Ivy restaurant is to open on Buchanan Street.

This investment by business in Glasgow City Centre should be matched by Glasgow City Council in cleaning up the surrounds and finally taking action on the out of control begging and street sleeping issue.

After so many studies and reviews, the best the Council could propose was "we will work with partner agencies to address the complex issue of begging", which means absolutely nothing.

Bill Love, Mosspark

Crossrail update

Mr Stephen's letter about the missing Crossrail link is 100 per cent right.

It is a disgrace that this city cannot find enough money in the City Deal to fund a project that would benefit this city hugely with transport hubs at Glasgow Cross and West Street.

This would, I am sure, help investment in these areas and would let passengers from the entire central belt and all areas of Scotland have better access to more direct,quicker routes and connections, including the airport, instead of having to waste time and money crossing the city for a connection.

Ian Stewart, Cumbernauld

Equal pay praise

I was so pleased to hear that the battling women for equal pay have won a second historic pay claim against Glasgow City Council.

Now the bleating from the council again stating that it will cost them approximately £500 million.

Well, if they had paid the women equal pay for the last 12 years and didn't treat them with disrespect believing that women were unworthy of the same rate of pay then they wouldn't be in this position.

Oh and no council tax increase should be warranted.

Open your 'biscuit tin' and stop your bleating and pay up.

Angela Thomson, Drumchapel

American food

At the news American burger chain Smashburger is to open in Glasgow, I'm kind of sad that all the American companies are opening in Glasgow.

I always looked forward to going to Glasgow for their unique tea shops and cafes.

But seeing donuts, KFC, McDonalds and the rest is kind of sad, although I know that Glaswegians probably like it.

Alexis Sheridan, posted on Facebook

Burger blues

Yet another horribly expensive burger joint. The city is groaning with the number of them opening.

Iain Mckenzie, posted online