I HAVE a daughter who has been awarded money for a trust – she is disabled and mentally incapacitated. We would like to invest the money to buy her a car for mobility, but she is over 21 and the bank will not let us deal with her bank accounts.

YOU can either seek guardianship under the Adults With Incapacity Act, or an intervention order to get control over the bank account or to move the money to yours.

Either case is a court application which, assuming supported by the relevant mental health professionals and anyone with an interest to have a say, will be granted by the sheriff allowing you take control and do to what is in your daughter’s best interests.

MY husband got burned by chemicals at his work.

There has been an investigation but the employers have not disclosed what caused the injuries.

Thank goodness he is not permanently scarred, but I feel he should get compensation.

I AM sure he should if there was negligence on the part of the employers or a work colleague.

He ought to demand sight of the results of the tests or inquiries, and if not satisfied go to the Health and Safety Executive. If the employers were using an unsafe system of work or had not done a proper risk assessment they may be liable.

I NOW own my ex-council flat (mortgage paid off) but the former landlords/factors INSIST that I must take out building insurance plus factoring fees with them.

Surely now I don’t need to pay them factoring fees plus I should be able to pick my own insurance cover.

I am in a four in a block all home owners.

SORRY, they’re right.

It has long been an aspect of sales of former local/public authority flats that the selling authority remains in charge regarding buildings insurance and factoring.

If in doubt, check your title deeds as they will have a deed of conditions or other section that states this clearly. Only if there is a mechanism in that for proprietors to get together to vote the factors out can you all or a majority change things.

WE live in a small private estate and in our deeds it states no commercial vehicles parked in estate and no businesses run from homes.

One of our neighbours runs a plumbers business, office and all from his house with vans coming and going and a large van with the firm's name etc on its side parked opposite my house. Is this allowed and should he be paying different council tax?

HE may very well have to pay commercial rates for his property or the part of it he uses as an office.

I would bet there is also a restriction in the title deeds covering the whole estate saying that no businesses may be run from the properties at all.

You would be entitled to take him to court to stop the van usage, but it would be up to the local authority to deal with the council tax/rates issues if they were to know about it.