I HAVE been a customer of the same power company for 20 years and now they no longer post me a bill.

I am not on the internet. I have written but they never write back. I have also phoned many times without success.

YOU have named the power company in your letter – whom I am sorely tempted to name and shame too.

In the first place consult your local Citizens’ Advice Bureau – they have marvellous volunteers who can help.

But the conduct of this company is not acceptable, and you may want to consider a formal complaint. Firstly write to the Managing Director, but assuming that gets the same short shrift, telephone the Ombudsman Service on 0330 440 1624.

WOULD it be possible for someone to give gifts above the tax-free gift allowance but below the IHT threshold, then set up a will to leave the remainder of the IHT allowance to their children, and then leave the rest of their estate to a charity, thus ensuring to ensure that the government receive nothing from a person's estate when they die?

THIS is a classic Death’n’Taxes question.

In principle you can indeed arrange matters in that kind of way.

From an IHT point of view, HMRC are only interested in the bit that exceeds the IHT threshold.

If you leave all of the excess to charity that’s fine, but bear in mind you are also depriving your own children of the 60% of that slice – the IHT would only be 40% of it if due.

Also be aware in the situation that a married couple both do this in case it reduces the IHT nil band share transferring over to the surviving spouse – get specialist advice. This whole area can be a minefield.

DO I need to have car sidelights permanently on? It really annoys me that I drive about in the daytime wasting energy as my car is fitted with these lights I can’t switch off.

EUROPEAN legislation adopted in 2008 required dedicated daytime running lights (DRL) to be fitted to all new types of passenger cars and small delivery vans since February 2011.

Trucks and buses followed from August 2012. You don’t need them to be fitted to older vehicles but you can’t avoid them in new cars. I take your point about energy but they are intended to promote road safety.

MY aunt has made me her attorney. I am doing everything correctly under the Power of Attorney, but I am worried that after her death other family members will want to criticise my actions, especially as I think we will need to sell the house to pay for auntie’s care.

AS long as you act as a responsible trustee of your relative’s property and money, you cannot be penalised or criticised when the power of attorney comes to an end as you have not kept any money wrongfully, nor taken unnecessary financial risks, you are fully protected as to any claim or clawback. The Office of the Public Guardian can be asked to supervise any actions you take and will check your accounts as further evidence of your correct action.