Political mess

what a mess these politicians have caused, all of them, they have ignored the democratic process of the united kingdom and the democratic will of the british people.

So what do they do, “ they take a holiday”, democracy is dead in the United Kingdom, so why should I bother voting.

Jim Tees, via email

OUR story in Wednesday’s Evening Times on the Royal Infirmary earning praise in a

new poll

sparked many comments...

Top training

I TRAINED here and nurses who did could use the skills taught all over the world.

All the forces came to steal the staff

and many signed up, not forgetting the Queen’s Nurses.

Our surgeons were always world renowned. Yes it deserves the title.

Beth Morrison, posted online

I WOULD certainly go along with this. I have been treated at the Royal Infirmary for major surgery on two occasions.

Couldn’t have wished for better before, during and after care. The staff were lovely and the food wasn’t too bad either! Well done to all at the Royal, past, present and future.

Anne McCurley, posted online

Touch wood it’s one I have not been in


Mind you, the one at Clydebank

where I had my heart surgery takes a bit

of beating.

Ronnie Foster, posted online