SNP emergency?

Nicola Sturgeon was quick to declare a “Climate Emergency”.

It is a pity that she has never declared an “NHS Emergency” a “Police Emergency” a “University Emergency” for Scottish students who cannot get a place at University despite high qualifications because of EU students, an “Education Emergency” for plummeting standards in literacy and numeracy, a “Schools Emergency” for schoolchildren not getting to study the subjects they want and of course a “Soft-touch justice Emergency”.

She might now want to declare an “SNP Emergency”.

Clark Cross, via email

Bus nightmare

First Bus Glasgow must have been well aware of the independence demonstration through the city on Saturday, so why were people left standing at bus stops on Hope Street when the buses were being diverted along Argyle Street?

There were no notices telling us about the diversion.

When I walked down to Osbourne Street and finally got on a number 57A to Auchinairn, it became clear that the driver didn’t have clue where he was going.

We ended up on a day trip towards Anniesland, then back through Maryhill. It took me two and a half hours to get from the city centre to Barmulloch. I could have travelled by train to Aberdeen in that time.

MA, Glasgow

Lenient jail sentence

WITH regards to a shop raider being jailed last week for 16 months – what has happened to our judicial system?

Sheriff McCormick should have locked him up for 16 years, not months. Pathetically lenient sentence.

Is this the SNP’s soft answer to justice?

Has First Minister Sturgeon told the judiciary not to issue heavy sentences?

LJT, Glasgow